Hi, welcome back to our blog. In this article we will share two of our ice cream cross stitch projects. This time we made cross stitch of chocolate ice cream and ice cream cones with various flavors. We made this ice cream pattern ourselves. Making this pattern starts with sketching and turning it into a cross stitch pattern.

Both of these ice cream patterns are simple and suitable for beginners. Let’s get straight to our first cross stitch project.


This pattern design is in the form of chocolate flavored ice cream pierced with a stick. The surface of the ice cream is sprinkled with chocolate chips.

You can download this pattern for free in the article 10 FREE DOWNLOAD ICE CREAM CROSS STITCH PATTERNS Edition 1 here. The pattern you download is in .jpg format.



This pattern consists of three colors. Two colors for the ice cream and one color for the stick. The yarn color you choose doesn’t have to match the pattern exactly. You can be creative according to your wishes or according to the color of the yarn you have. Besides yarn you also have to prepare cross stitch fabric, needles, and scissors.

The tools and materials

If you have prepared all the tools and materials, now is the time for you to embroider. For those of you who are still beginners and are still confused about how to get started, please read the article Step by Step How to Cross Stitch for Beginners here. The following below are some photos of the process of making cross stitch.   

ice cream cross stitch
ice cream cross stitch

This cross stitch pattern is easy and simple, so it is suitable for beginners who are learning cross stitches. You can frame the finished cross stitch with a paper frame. Then you can put it on the wall or the table to beautify the room. You will even give it as a gift to your friends or relatives.

ice cream cross stitch

finished chocolate ice cream cross stitch

ice cream cross stitch

the finished chocolate ice cream cross stitch framed with paper frames

Initially when we drew this chocolate ice cream, we didn’t expect it to turn out as good as it did. And the second project is certainly no less beautiful. Let’s move on to the second ice cream cross stitch embroidery.


Let’s continue with our second project ice cream cones with various flavors. This pattern design is in the form of ice cream with five flavors, namely grape, pineapple, orange, strawberry and dragon fruit. Each ice cream flavor is topped with melted chocolate as shown in the picture below.


This second ice cream pattern has a more complicated design than the first, although this pattern is relatively easy for beginners. There are also more colors used than the first pattern, namely 8 colors. The cone color consists of a combination of two brown colors. Meanwhile, the ice cream is purple for grape flavor, yellow for pineapple flavor, orange for orange flavor, pink for strawberry flavor, and red for dragon fruit flavor.

The color selection you use does not have to be exactly the same as ours. For example, if you don’t like the taste of grapes and want to replace it with green tea, you can change the purple thread to green thread. There are no specific standards, you can be as creative as you like.


You can download this ice cream cones with various flavors pattern for free here. But before starting, first prepare the tools and materials needed. Please read here to find out the tools and materials you need.

ice cream cross stitch

Tools and materials

Once your tools and materials are ready, it’s time to start embroidering. Below are several photos of the process of making ice cream cones with various flavors.

ice cream cross stitch

This ice cream cross stitch pattern is small in size so it doesn’t take a long time to make. You can complete it in just a few hours. Below are photos of the finished ice cream cross stitch.

ice cream cross stitch
ice cream cross stitch

finished ice cream cones with various flavors cross stitch

ice cream cross stitch

the finished ice cream cones with various flavors cross stitch framed with paper frames

After seeing the two cross stitch embroidery above, what do you think? I think both are beautiful and cute. You can use it to decorate your home. For example, you can combine two cross stitch on a pillowcase or simply keep it in a glass frame and place it in the kitchen or dining room.

The two cross stitch above are part of the first edition of 10 ice cream cross stitch pattern that we are sharing for free. However, if you like the ice cream cross stitch theme, don’t worry because there will be a next edition for this theme.

You can download other beautiful patterns we made in this blog. If you like flower you can download for edition 1 here or for edition 2 here. In order not to miss the latest updates to the articles we post, please subscribe to get email notifications. Hopefully this article is useful and inspires you in your work.

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